Archived 'In the Spotlight'

What is it?
The Wildlife Disease News Digest runs the segment In the Spotlight every Friday, which provides valuable resources especially relevant to the wildlife health community.  Features include upcoming conference announcements, interviews with wildlife health professionals and news about the Wildlife Disease Information Node (WDIN).

Pick a category

Figure 1. Browse archived In the Spotlight
posts by clicking on one of the labels.
Browse past In the Spotlight posts by selecting a category, which can be found in the right-hand column of the Digest (see image at right).
  • Meetings: Provides information on wildlife disease related professional conferences.
  • NewsMaker Interviews: Highlights the work and insights of wildlife health professionals.
  • Past Wildl. Dis. Events: Recollects past wildlife disease incidents via summary reports.
  • Prof’l Announcements: Presents general wildlife health related information.
  • WDIN Announcements: Reports news from the Wildlife Disease Information Node, creators of the News Digest.
  • Wildl. Dis. Orgs: Features professional organizations from within the wildlife health community.
  • Wildl. Dis. Resources: Brings focus to unique wildlife disease publications, websites, or other resources of use to the wildlife health professional.

Search within categories
Once you have clicked on a particular category, you may search within your Internet browser page by using the Find function. Press on the 'Ctrl' and 'F' keys simultaneously (or 'Command' and 'F' on a Mac), and a search box will appear.