Photo of sea pen courtesy of NOAA.

Ever wonder why the Digest works the way it does?  Find a list of fellow Digest readers' most frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.  Is your question still unanswered?  Email it to us at digest@wdin.org, and we'll get back to you with an answer.

How can I access the Wildlife Disease News Digest?
You may receive updates to the Digest via an RSS feed, a daily email, or directly by visiting http://wdin.blogspot.com.  Learn more about subscribing to our alerts here.  Updates are also posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Why can’t I access the full text to all journal articles?
With the exception of freely available Open Access journals, many journals are subscription-based.  Your ability to access full-text articles depends on the licensing agreement of your affiliated institution.  With the Digest, we are only able to link to the freely available abstracts.  For full text articles, you will need to make requests through your affiliated institution.

Why is there so little news coverage outside the USA?
Our access to news reports outside the USA is limited. We are asking our international wildlife health community to assist us in creating a more balanced global news digest. Learn more about our international news submission request on our International News page within the Digest.

Is there a text-only version of the Wildlife Disease News Digest?
This option is not currently available, but we are exploring ways to create a text-only RSS feed that will report Digest updates.  (Curious about other RSS feeds available from the Wildlife Disease Information Node?  View all of our feeds here.)

How do I contribute content to the Wildlife Disease News Digest?
Submit news articles with a focus on wildlife disease detection and/or spread that also have a geographical location at any level (city, province, country). Send the article's URL to digest@wdin.org. WDIN reserves the right to not use a submitted article if it does not follow our news selection policy, which is available here.

How do I contact the staff at the Wildlife Disease News Digest?
Email us at digest@wdin.org.