January 15, 2010

In the Spotlight: WDIN is on Facebook and Twitter!

Find WDIN on Facebook and Twitter!

The Wildlife Disease Information Node recently created a Facebook Page and Twitter account to help make it easier to discover late-breaking wildlife disease information.

Through both resources:

Alerts for the most current global wildlife disease map posts are also provided through Twitter.

You are invited to interact with us in a number of ways. Stay connected with your wildlife health community:
  • post your favorite wildlife disease-related website, online publication or tool to our discussion board on Facebook,
  • tweet your own relevant sources and information, and
  • provide comments and suggestions to wdin@usgs.gov.
Become a fan of our Facebook Page here and follow us on Twitter @NBII_WDIN.

What Essential Resource Should Every Wildlife Professional Know About?

Know of a invaluable resource (e.g. manual, website, online database) that every wildlife professional should be aware of? Send the title and a link (if available) of this indispensable resource to us at wdin@usgs.gov and we will share it with your colleagues on the Digest. In a less-than-two-minute email you can pass on your knowledge and help a fellow wildlife professional. Below you'll find some resources readers passed along.

Resources Shared

Wolves of the High Arctic - Research on the Arctic Wolves of Ellesmere Island [blog]

Chasing Brutus — The North Pole Wolf [podcast]

Audubon - Golden Eagle Project
[web site]