January 6, 2010


Hong Kong: Oriental Magpie Robin tested for H5 virus
Web Newswire - www.webnewswire.com
01 January 2010

Location: Pat Sin Leng, Hong Kong, China - Map It

Preliminary testing of a dead Oriental Magpie Robin found in Hok Tau, Pat Sin Leng had indicated a suspected case of H5 avian influenza, a spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said today (December 31), adding that further confirmatory tests were being conducted.

The bird carcass was found and collected on December 29 near the Hok Tau Management Centre in Pat Sin Leng Country Park.

Oriental Magpie Robin is a common resident bird in Hong Kong.

Turtles dying en masse on Odisha coast
Kalinga Times - www.kalingatimes.com
05 January 2010
Photo courtesy of Kalinga Times

Location: Paradip, Orissa, India - Map It

The sighting of bloated and motionless bodies of Oilve Ridley sea turtles lends credence to belief that unlawful trawling operation despite prohibition is in full swing along the Gahirmatha marine sanctuary.

Bodies of dead turtles are sporadically dispersed along the stretch of beach from Dhamra to Paradip coast. The unofficial estimate put the toll at more than 5,000 while the forest officials prefer to restrict the toll at 671.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo team rescuing frogs croaking from deadly fungus
The Denver Post - www.denverpost.com
03 January 2010
C O'Connor

. . . If there is no progress in the battle against chytrid, a deadly fungus that has already wiped out nearly 100 frog species, as many as half of the world's amphibian species could become extinct, the largest mass extinction since the death of the dinosaurs, scientists say.

PARC's goal was to collect living specimens of frogs not yet affected by the fungus for captive breeding. They gathered about 20 harlequin frogs and 20 tree frogs.

Until then, scientists believed that the fatal fungus, quickly moving south through Central America, would be slowed by the barrier of the Panama Canal for as much as five years.

But lab results soon showed that the disease had already jumped the canal, which sent the scientists back into the cloud forest this month for a second rescue mission.


It Ain't All Bad News
Photo credit: Kenting National Park/HO

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