February 10, 2010


Dead iguanas may prove fatal to dogs, vets warn

To some dogs, discovering a dead lizard in the yard is like finding a slice of bacon on the kitchen floor: a Category 5 tasty treat.

It also can be deadly.

A month after frigid temperatures killed reptiles all over South Florida, veterinarians are still treating dogs that may have contracted botulism by gnawing iguana carcasses.

The Miami Herald - www.miamiherald.com
05 February 2010
E Brecher

Image courtesy of The Miami Herald
Location: South Florida, USA - Map It

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What's killing Minnesota's moose?

The bad news continues for Minnesota's moose.

The population of the iconic animal in northeastern Minnesota has declined again, based on the latest aerial survey this winter by the Department of Natural Resources.

Wildlife researchers estimate that there are 5,500 moose in that region of the state. With a 23 percent margin of error, the estimate is not statistically different from last year's estimate of 7,600, but it supports other evidence that the moose population is declining.

Star Tribune - www.startribune.com
09 February 2010
D Smith
Photo credit: B Peterson/Star Tribune

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Washington Wildlife Officials To Cull Bighorn Sheep Herd For Disease

Washington State's fish and wildlife officials plan to kill about 85 bighorn sheep from two pneumonia-infected herds.

The animals range between Yakima and Ellensburg. As Anna King reports, wildlife managers are hoping that culling the sick animals now, will save the rest of the Northwest herds.

Nearly 20 bighorns have already died from the disease this winter in the river canyon area between Yakima and Ellensburg.

Oregon Public Broadcasting News - news.opb.org
09 February 2010
A King
Photo credit: V Patton
Location: Yakima County, Washington, USA - Map It

Photo courtesy of B Boner/Jackson Hole News&Guide
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