March 23, 2010


Mysterious bat-killing illness previously seen in the U.S. now in Ontario

A mysterious illness that has killed upwards of 500,000 bats in the northeastern United States has now been detected in the animals in Ontario.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is confirming the first case of bats with a disease known as white-nose syndrome in the Bancroft-Minden area, in eastern Ontario.

It is unknown exactly how the syndrome kills bats, but some researchers think the fungus acts as an irritant, causing the bat to awaken from its hibernation period early and often.

Canadian Press -
19 Mar 2010
Location: Ontario, Canada - Map It


No more deaths as injured birds return to sanctuary after Friday fire

No additional birds died overnight as a result of a Friday morning fire that killed 156 birds at the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary, an official with the sanctuary said Saturday.

Sandra Salinas, executive director of the sanctuary, said some of the injured birds were being brought back to the sanctuary near Durango Road and Grand Teton Drive.

A fire engulfed the northern edge of the 8-acre facility killing roughly 15 percent of the sanctuary's winged creatures, some of which were exotic and rare.

Las Vegas Review-Journal -
20 Mar 2010
A Planas
Photo credit: Gary Thompson/Las Vegas Review-Journal


West Nile virus back in Los Angeles

Two dead birds have tested positive recently for West Nile virus in Los Angeles, indicating that the virus is back in the area, authorities said on Thursday.

"These two West Nile virus positive dead birds are evidence that West Nile virus continues to persist in Los Angeles," said Susanne Kluh of the Vector Control District, which tracks the movements of pests.

The cases are the first two documented in Los Angeles County this year, according to health officials.

People's Daily Online (English) - (Source: Xinhua)
19 Mar 2010
Location: Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA, USA - Map It


Photo credit: Giovanni Marola/AFP/Getty Images
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