May 14, 2010

In the Spotlight - European Wildlife Disease Association (EWDA)

The EWDA – Providing a Forum of Information Exchange on Wildlife Disease

The European Wildlife Disease Association (EWDA) is a partner organization of the Wildlife Disease Association. From their website, "The EWDA seeks to provide a forum for the exchange of information on wildlife diseases and their management. Through the provision of opportunities for networking, collaborative research and training we seek to raise the profile of wildlife disease research and management."

The EWDA web site provides the following information:
  • Posts news and event announcements
  • Shares a membership list, which includes member contact information and research interests
  • Offers a web space to the EWDA Student Chapter to share announcements and relevant information
  • Links to newsletter publications dating back to 2001
  • Presents a collection of recommended resource sites for information on wildlife diseases
  • Provides a description of their work with the Wildlife Disease Working Group of the OIE