May 20, 2010


DEC investigates report of 'fish kill' on Skaneateles Lake

The state Department of Environmental Conservation is investigating a report of a “fish kill” on Skaneateles Lake.

An unnamed property owner called the DEC Tuesday, noting an appreciable number of mostly dead rock bass, along with a few bass and perch, on the bottom of the lake at its northern end. More than two dozen dead fish could be seen from the Skaneateles village pier. -
18 May 2010
D Figura
Location: New York, USA - Map It

ProMed - White nose syndrome, bats update

In this update:
[1] Oklahoma
[2] Oklahoma
[3] Missouri

[1] Oklahoma
Date: 14 May 2010
From: Richard Stark

A cave myotis _Myotis velifer_ collected from the James Selman Cave system in Woodward County, Oklahoma, has tested POSITIVE for_Geomyces destructans_. _G. destructans_ is the fungus associated with white-nose syndrome. Anne Ballman, a Wildlife Disease Specialist with the USGS National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, WI just called to notify me. The bat was collected by a graduate student
working for the Oklahoma Biological Survey on 3 May 2010.

ProMed -
18 May 2010
Forwarded to ProMED by Angie McIntire of Arizona Game & Fish Department

Other Related WNS News

Brigantine seal stranding center very busy

The place has looked like an overbooked hotel for seals - or more precisely, a hospital with few empty beds.

Since January, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center has rescued about 100 harp, harbor, and gray seals at the Jersey Shore - double the usual number.

"We've just never seen this many over the course of one winter," said Sheila Dean, the center's codirector. "It isn't just seals, it's other animals, too - like the whale that was found on the beach [in Mantoloking, Ocean County] and brought in last week."

The Philadelphia Inquirer -
19 May 2010
JL Urgo
Photo credit: Clem Murray/ Inquirer Staff


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