June 15, 2010


When animal rescues fall short, evidence of oil spill's toll on wildlife is collected

Within each of the animal-rescue stations set up along the Gulf Coast is a makeshift morgue for oiled and ill creatures that didn't make it.

And behind the scenes, pathologists and laboratory staff are carefully cataloging each dead creature as part of larger criminal, civil and scientific inquiries into how the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has affected animals and their habitats.

Hundreds of birds including pelicans, seagulls, terns and gannets are being gathered by wildlife teams in an effort both to save them from their veils of oil and to help them recover from the effects that it can have on their lungs and digestive systems.

Nola.com - www.nola.com (Source: Times-Picayune)
11 Jun 2010
K Reckdahl
Photo credit: Dan Swenson/Times-Picayune)

What is Killing the Lobsters?

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster has been a mainstay of the Florida seafood industry for decades, but the harvest went off a cliff about a decade ago, declining about 30%, and has never rebounded. Biologists think the culprit is a virus called PaV1.

Live Science - www.livescience.com
11 Jun 2010


Nagqu: Bird flu found in wild dead birds

The National Bird Flu Reference Lab found avian influenza virus subtype H5N1 in wild dead birds in Co Nyi of Nagqu Prefecture, Information Office of Ministry of Agriculture of China released on June 9.

Soon after receiving the report, Ministry of Agriculture sent experts to Co Nyi to take preventive measures together with the local Departments of Forestry and Veterinary such as making innocuous treatment of dead birds, monitoring wild birds and informing farmers and herdsmen of the relatd measures.

Up to now, no infected poultry has been found.

China Tibet Online - chinatibet.people.com.cn (Source: China Tibet Information Center)
10 Jun 2010
Location: Co Nyi, Nagqu Prefecture, Tibet, China - Map It


Release of technical dolphin death report

The Swan River Trust has released the Technical Report on the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) Unusual Mortality Event within the Swan Canning Riverpark today.

The Trust and Murdoch University (link to external site) briefed the Minister yesterday on the report.

The Murdoch University report, prepared for the Swan River Trust, explores the reasons behind the death of six dolphins in the Riverpark between June and October 2009 and was the technical basis behind Chief Scientist Lyn Beazley’s report on Dolphin deaths in the Swan Canning Riverpark and comments on the Bunbury inner waters, South-west of Western Australia to the Minister in April 2010.

Swan River Trust - www.swanrivertrust.wa.gov.au
11 Jun 2010


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