July 16, 2010

In the Spotlight – Top Links from the WDIN Website

NBII Wildlife Disease Information Node (WDIN) 2010 Web Stats – What are Visitors Finding Useful?

The WDIN staff continuously monitors numerous web sources for useful, new content to add to our online collection of wildlife disease related resources, such as maps, reports, images and webpages. On average, WDIN staff adds about 4-6 new items to the site collection each month. Looking back over the year to date, the resources listed below have been the most popular with WDIN users.

  1. OIE Disease distribution maps
  2. Health Information Standards: Foundations for the Exchange of Wildlife and Population Based Health Information - A Presentation [pdf]
  3. A Map Highlighting CWD in North America [Image]
  4. England Wildlife Health Strategy
  5. Avian Flu: The disease in birds [Video]
  6. Worldwide Disease Outbreak Map
  7. Emerging Infectious Diseases - Animations and Images
  8. Chronic Wasting Disease Update - Report No. 96 [pdf]
  9. Wildlife Surveillance: Early Warning System for Ebola, Avian Flu and other Disease Outbreaks [Video]
  10. Bat White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) Occurrence by County Map - Updated Jan 28, 2010 [Image]

How Can You Learn about What’s New on the Website?

Visitors can quickly view the last 10 items that were added to the site from the WDIN home page, under the section Current Content and News (see Figure 1). RSS users can subscribe to the New Content RSS feed provided at the website here and automatically receive updates in their feed readers (e.g. Google Reader and Bloglines).

Non-RSS users can also take advantage of this feed, but will have to monitor it manually. This can be done by visiting the WDIN RSS webpage and clicking on the [Subscribe] link. A new window will display the last 20 items added to the site (see Figure 2). You will not be subscribed unless you take additional actions. The same steps can be applied to view content from the other available RSS feeds.

WDIN provides a number of feeds that can be used to monitor new content added to our web-based services, e.g. Meetings and Events Calendar, Global Wildlife Disease News Map, and Wildlife Disease Journal Digest. Additional feeds, such as Top Ten Resources Last Month or Hidden Gems, offer even more ways to explore the site’s contents.

Can You Help Expand our Collection?

With help from the wildlife health community, WDIN can more quickly expand the site collection. By suggesting valuable wildlife disease related resources to the WDIN staff, community members assist the WDIN by increasing the amount of quality materials we add to our site each month.

If you know of a very useful resource that every wildlife professional should know about, consider sharing it with your colleagues through the WDIN website. Simply email the url to us at wdin@usgs.gov for review. We will index the resource so that it can be seen on the website and through the RSS feeds.