July 20, 2010


Prozac Pollution Making Shrimp Reckless

There's no happy ending for shrimp exposed to the mood-booster Prozac, according to a new study.

Remnants of antidepressant drugs flushed into waterways worldwide are altering shrimp behavior and making them easier prey, experts say.

. . . To mimic conditions in the wild, scientists exposed the estuary-dwelling shrimp Echinogammarus marinus to the antidepressant fluoxetine at levels detected in average sewage-treatment waste. Fluoxetine is the key ingredient in the drugs Prozac and Sarafem.

National Geographic News - news.nationalgeographic.com
16 Jul 2010
K Ravilious
Photo credit: David Doubilet, National Geographic


Cited Journal Article
>>>Anti-depressants make amphipods see the light. Aquatic Toxicology. 2010 Jun 04. [Epub ahead of print]

Operation Noah's Ark Races to Protect Gulf's Sea Animals

The BP oil spill may be capped for now, but the looming slick still threatens a beloved marine lab along the coast in Florida's Big Bend.

The Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory is racing to save itself from the toxic oil in the Gulf of Mexico. The lab collects all kinds of marine animals and they rely on fresh saltwater from the Gulf.

Any contamination would be catastrophic for the lab, which has served generations of schoolchildren and tourists.

Squirrel pox outbreak hits Stewartry

A DEADLY virus that can rip through the native red squirrel population has been discovered near Dalbeattie.

Now the Forestry Commission has stepped up its efforts to prevent Squirrelpox spreading.

So far it has only been found in five culled greys, carriers of the pox, but there are fears that it could already have spread to reds in the woods around the town.

icDumfries.co.uk - icdumfries.icnetwork.co.uk
15 Jul 2010
Location: Dalbeattie, Scotland, UK - Map It


Uganda Travel and Tourism News: Hippos die in Kalangala

Five hippos have died of suspected anthrax at Buyigi Island in Kalangala district. The district is surrounded by Lake Victoria.

The death of the five hippos brings the death toll to 11 since the beginning of July 2010.

The leaders of Kalangala district say they have not officially established whether the animals have died of anthrax.

ugpulse.com - www.ugpulse.com
17 Jul 2010
Location: Buyigi Island, Kalangala district, Uganda - Map It


Photo credit: London Zoo
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