August 6, 2010

In the Spotlight - Professionals Helping Each Other Save Wildlife

A New Wildlife Science Site for Professional Communication and Networking to Save Wildlife

A Community in Formation

This site is designed just for professionals and high standards of pertinence and collegial respect will be maintained both in the content and the membership. All walks of wildlife professionals and paraprofessionals are invited to join including biologists, research scientists, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, wildlife educators, conservationists, zookeepers, field technicians, licensed rehabilitators and more.

Although most of us are excellent at networking within our disciplines, we may miss opportunities to learn from closely allied fields. Our vision is for all of us to share what we know and make that information available for the learning of others.

We believe that by creating and participating in multi-disciplinary web site and message boards, together we can be extremely helpful in saving wildlife. Biologists, veterinarians, rehabilitators, business people, sociologists, and others sharing thoughts, opinions, research, stories, antidotal information can become more focused on better ways of caring for wildlife and one another, and hence, change this world for the best.

In addition to areas for reading and posting discussions, the site offers chat rooms, a resource section where videos, photos, documents, and software downloads can be posted (unlimited sizes at present), a photo gallery, and an area where you can create your own project blogs to keep private with a select group of your friends or to share with the membership.

To join today: go to

Who is SavingWildlife

Professionals interested in saving wildlife together. Though the project was begun by Dr. LoraKim Joyner, Dr. Scott Ford, & Dr. Ted Lafeber, this is a community that we form together. Your participation, comments, ideas, experience, and heart will change this community, and help change the world. Please join us.