August 3, 2010


Saving Wildlife From The Midwestern Oil Spill

Far from the Gulf of Mexico, people in Western Michigan are dealing with a large oil spill.

An oil pipe burst this week in Marshall, Michigan, a town on the Kalamazoo River, about 80 miles east of Lake Michigan.

The flow of oil has been shut off but the EPA estimates that more than a million gallons of crude leaked out, affecting a 30-mile stretch of the river.

Scores of dead fish wash up at Lake Shasta's shore

Visitors at the Centimudi Boat Ramp saw hundreds of dead fish along the shoreline and in the water over the weekend at Lake Shasta.

But it’s a mystery how the fish died.

On Sunday there were still dozens of dead fish floating belly-up in the water and scattered on the shoreline. -
01 Aug 2010
D Benda
Photo credit: David Benda
Location: Lake Shasta, Shasta County, California, USA - Map It


Bleaching of coral: Malaysia dive sites close

Malaysia decided Thursday to close for several months of dive sites around some of its tropical islands tourism because of coral bleaching, probably due to warmer waters.

"Nine of the 83 dive sites in the country have been closed" until the end of October, announced Shahim Abdul Hamid, Marine Parks Service.

Located particularly around the islands of Redang and Tioman, these reefs attract some 500,000 tourists per year. - (Source: Agence France-Presse)
22 Jul 2010
Photo credit: Associated Press

Location: Redang, Terengganu, Malaysia - Map It and Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia - Map It


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Photo credit: Tim Graham/Tim Graham/Getty Images
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