September 21, 2010


Breakthrough for cancer-hit Tasmanian Devils

Australian scientists said on Thursday they had made a breakthrough in the fight to save the cancer-hit Tasmanian devil by mapping the species' genome for the first time.

The dark, furry marsupials were declared endangered in 2009 after a contagious cancer began sweeping through the population, disfiguring their faces so badly they are unable to eat and starve to death.

Some 70 percent of devils have already been lost to the infectious disease, which is spread by biting as the feisty creatures mate and fight over animal carcasses.

Google News - (Source: AFP)
16 Sep 2010

Massive Fish Kill in Gulf Caused by "Dead Zone," Oil?

A huge fish kill in a Louisiana marsh was likely caused by annual low-oxygen conditions—but the Gulf oil spill may have been an additional "insult," experts say.

The thousands of belly-up fish were discovered Friday in the Bayou Chaland area (see map) of Plaquemines Parish.

The die-off occurred during a time of year when a giant low-oxygen "dead zone" regularly forms off the Gulf, according to Prosanta Chakrabarty, a fish biologist at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

National Geographic News -
16 Sep 2010
C Dell'Amore
Photo credit: P.J. Hahn, Plaquemines Parish
Location: Bayou Chaland, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, USA - Map It

Photo credit: BPCU
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