November 2, 2010


Dead starfish confuse biologists

A beach ranger's discovery of hundreds of dead starfish along Heceta Beach has confused shellfish biologists who can't determine why the starfish died in such numbers in just one place.

... the starfish may have been killed by disease or low oxygen levels in the water.

The World -
01 Nov 2010
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   Location: Heceta Beach, Oregon, USA - Map It

Endocrine Disruptors and Intersex Fish Identified in Minnesota Lakes

Endocrine disrupting chemicals were identified in all of the 11 Minnesota lakes studied by the U.S. Geological Survey, St. Cloud State University and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Female characteristics were observed in male fish in most of the lakes studied.

Although endocrine disrupting chemicals and endocrine disruption in both resident fish and caged minnows were generally more pronounced in lakes surrounded by urban and agricultural lands, they were also identified in more remote lakes. Further studies are needed to determine if there is a link between the prevalence of these chemicals and surrounding land use.

U.S. Geological Survey -
01 Nov 2010
Location: Minnesota, USA - Map It

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Broomfield prairie dog die-off blamed on tularemia

A prairie dog die-off in the Anthem area initially suspected to be caused by plague has been blamed on tularemia.

County health officials began investigating the die-off on Oct. 5, and cordoned off an area south and west of Uptown Avenue in the Arista development to limit access of people and their pets.

. . . On Wednesday, a rabbit in the area was confirmed to have tularemia.

Broomfield Enterprise -
01 Nov 2010
Location: Broomfield, Colorado, USA - Map It

Two Deer Harvested near Greybull Test Positive for CWD

Two deer harvested on Oct. 15 in deer hunt areas 47 and 51 in the Bighorn Basin have tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD), a brain disease known to affect some deer, elk and moose.

One deer, a mule deer buck, was harvested in area 47 in the Durphy Gulch area.

The other CWD positive, a white-tailed doe, was harvested in area 51 near the Horse Creek/Shell Valley Road.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department -
01 Nov 2010
Location: Big Horn County, Wyoming, USA - Map It

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Warning over myxomatosis outbreak

Pet owners Hampshire have been put alert, as a deadly disease kills off hundreds of wild rabbits.

Residents report that once thriving population of bunnies at Dibden Bay has been reduced to just a few animals.

An outbreak of the highly contagious disease myxomatosis, which can only be caught by rabbits, is the probable cause of the deaths.

Southern Daily Echo -
01 Nov 2010
Location: Hampton, England - Map It

Photo credit: J. Morris/USGS