November 16, 2010


Mystery virus threatens an already critically endangered Australian parrot species

The orange-bellied parrot (Neophema chrysogaster), one of the world's most critically endangered birds, could lose its bid at survival as a virus threatens its vitally important captive breeding program.

The unidentified stomach virus that has struck the program causes the birds to lose their feathers and weakens their immune systems, Shane Radial, a veterinary professor with Charles Sturt University, told the Australian Broadcasting Co.

Because the captive parrots live in close proximity to one another, "infections just find it easier to spread from one bird to another," Radial said.

Scientific American -
11 Nov 2010
J Platt
Location: Australia - Map It

CWD find raises threat up north

A white-tailed deer from a shooting preserve in northern Wisconsin has tested positive on a screening test for chronic wasting disease -- a discovery that has the potential to bring the disease to a new part of the state.

Complicating the situation: An inspection of the fence at the 900-acre preserve in late October showed signs of damage, raising the possibility that deer could have escaped from the facility, a Department of Natural Resources official said Friday.

"The test and the fence issues certainly are a concern to the DNR," said Davin Lopez, chronic wasting disease coordinator for the agency.

Superior Telegram - (Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
PA Smith and L Berquist
15 Nov 2010
Location: Bayfield County, WI, USA - Map It

Yellow fever - South America: Venezuela (AN) monkey, susp - Archive Number 20101112.4114

In Anzoategui state, 3 probable yellow fever cases were detected [in monkeys]. This outbreak would be enzootic, as determined by the Ministry of Health.

These cases were reported by the [health] authorities in Epidemiological Bulletin 42, corresponding to the week between 17-23 Oct 2010, released on 5 Nov [2010].

According to official information, this probable outbreak of yellow fever has been reported in the Guaraguato settlement, [Pedro Maria] Freites municipality in this eastern state.

ProMED-mail -
12 Nov 2010
Location: Anzoategui State, Venezuela - Map It

Photo credit: Matthew Tobaccos/Barcroft Medi