November 4, 2010


Power lines 'invisible' to birds

Vision experts found that cranes, bustards and storks were unable to see obstacles straight ahead when they tilted their heads downwards in flight.

Birds often look down during flight to find fellow birds as well as nesting and feeding areas, say the researchers.

The new evidence suggests that the problem cannot be prevented by altering the appearance of power lines.

BBC Earth News -
02 Nov 2010
E Davies
Photo courtesy: J Shaw

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Animal Deaths from Gulf Oil Spill Estimated

Restore the Gulf, the official federal government's website about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, has issued its latest report in an attempt to track the effect of the BP oil spill on animals in the region.

The group consolidates numbers from experts on the ground, including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

What are the current counts from the November 1st report?

Discovery News -
02 Nov 2010
L Day

Reported Wildlife Mortality Events to the USGS National Wildlife Health Center Updated

USGS and a network of partners across the country work on documenting wildlife mortality events in order to provide timely and accurate information on locations, species and causes of death. This information was updated on November 02, 2010 on the USGS National Wildlife Health Center web page, New and Ongoing Wildlife Mortality Events Nationwide. Quarterly Mortality Reports are also available from this page. These reports go back to 1995.

USGS National Wildlife Health Center
03 Nov 2010
Area: United States

Photo credit: Vicki Muldowney/Flickr