November 9, 2010


Whales found dead on Donegal beach

Scientists have taken skin and tissue samples from the 33 pilot whales which died off the coast of County Donegal.

Environmentalists are trying to establish how the whales beached on Rutland Island near Burtonport.

It's thought they were the same group spotted in the Outer Hebrides at the end of October.

BBC News -
07 Nov 2010
N McCann
Location: County Donegal, Ireland, UK - Map It

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Plastic debris 'killing Adriatic loggerhead turtles'

One in three loggerhead turtles in the Adriatic Sea has plastic in its intestine, according to researchers studying the impact of debris on marine life.

The shallow waters of the Adriatic are important feeding grounds for the turtles as they develop into adults.

But the sea-floor is one of the most polluted in Europe.

BBC Earth News -
04 Nov 2010
M Simpson
Photo credit: SPL

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Decline of little brown bats 'definitely worsening'

The catastrophic drop in the little brown bat population is continuing, with the numbers down 50 percent from last summer and 80 percent from 2008, according to the results of New Jersey's annual summer bat count.

The dramatic declines are due to a fungus that attacks the bats during their winter hibernation in caves and abandoned mines.

The outbreak is called white-nose syndrome for a white fuzz the fungus produces on the nose, ears and wing membranes of infected bats. -
06 Nov 2010
JM O'Neill

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Photo credit: BBC News