December 17, 2010

In the Spotlight - OIE Global Conference on Wildlife

OIE Global Conference on Wildlife
“Animal Health and Biodiversity – Preparing for the Future”
Paris, France
23 - 25 February 2011

The OIE is pleased to announce the OIE Global Conference on Wildlife “Animal Health and Biodiversity – Preparing for the Future” to be held in Paris, France from 23 to 25 February 2011. Organised by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), in collaboration with FAO and WHO, this solution-focused conference will address both benefits and challenges that are related to coordinated management approaches to the health risks at the wildlife/domestic animal and human ecosystems interface.

This high-profile meeting will be a unique opportunity to build the future in the context of globalisation and climate change taking into account the need to protect biodiversity worldwide. It will inform responsible parties and decision makers about the important links between the health of wildlife, domestic animals and people and their relations with the environment. The conference will bring together participants from both the public and private sectors to analyse the societal benefits, including public health and environment, to be gained from protecting the health of wildlife.

In addition to OIE Delegates and Wildlife Focal Points, professionals and policy makers engaged in natural resource management, animal and human health and economic development will be invited.

This Global Conference will also be open to all other participants who are interested in the topic and would like to attend.

Source:OIE Global Conference on Wildlife website

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