December 9, 2010


S. Korea confirms bird flu outbreak in southern province

The South Korean government confirmed on Tuesday a bird flu outbreak in a southwestern region of the country, a main winter habitat of migratory birds.

The agricultural ministry said the state veterinary service confirmed that the bird flu virus was found in one of the blood samples sent from Iksan, North Jeolla Province.

The ministry conducted an emergency disinfection of the area around the Mangyeong River, where the infected wild bird was found, and put an area within a 10-kilometer radius from the site of the outbreak under intensive care.

Yonhap News Agency -
08 Dec 2010
Location: Iksan, North Jeolia Province, South Korea - Map It

Avian Influenza News from FAO Archives [submitted by Australian Wildlife Health Network]

Toads: Experts look for signs of deadly disease

Local and international scientists are assessing the natural habitat of the rare Kihansi spray toads (KST) in the Kihansi gorge in south-central Tanzania to establish whether a fungal disease that almost wiped out the rare amphibians in 2003 is still in existence.

Experiments of the fungus called chytrid that led to a sudden decline of the toads are part of efforts toward translocation of the KST from the United States.

In 2000, 500 KST were translocated to the US with the hope of propagating stable captive assurance colonies and they were divided among several zoos, including two institutions where they remain today— the Toledo Zoo in Ohio and the Bronx Zoo in New York.

The Citizen Chief Reporter -
L Liganga
07 Dec 2010

Photo credit: W Weber/National Geographic Society
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