January 18, 2011


Exotic Newcastle Disease Killed Wild Birds

FLORIDA, US - Exotic Newcastle disease (ND) has been found to be the cause of wild birds in Pinellas County.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is thanking the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary for detecting a deadly disease in birds, reports WTSP.

The sanctuary says some of its rescuers were on their usual searches for injured birds in the wild when they came across some sick cormorants last Friday.

Native to Florida, the cormorant is a small black bird. They can be seen diving under water or drying their wings.

...So far, there are five confirmed cases of this disease and FDOACS is still testing, according to WTSP.

The Poultry Site - www.thepoltrysite.com (source: promed mail.org)
13 Jan 2011
Location: Florida, USA - Map It

Gene-flaw, virus could be killing Pacific salmon

Massive die-offs among Canada's wild sockeye salmon could be due to a genetic flaw that causes immune weakness and could make viruses lethal, researchers said Thursday.

Between 40 and 95 percent of the adult sockeye population has died in recent years, delivering a serious blow to the one billion dollar fishing industry in British Columbia and causing concern that some stocks may go extinct.

So researchers examined the genomic profiles of salmon that survived the trip and compared them to fish that died before managing to reach their spawning ground and mate, said the findings published in the journal Science.

PhysOrg - www.physorg.com
13 Jan 2011
Photo courtesy of PhysOrg

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Botulism outbreak killing ducks

Dozens of dead ducks have been found in Waitakere's waterways in the past two weeks because of an outbreak of the paralysing botulism toxin.

Roy Williams' property backs on to a stream running from the Glendale pond.

He has found 26 dead ducks near his home in the past six days.

Auckland Stuff - www.stuff.co.nz/auckland
V Prasad
13 Jan 2011
Photo credit: V Prasad
Location: Waitakere, New Zealand - Map It

Dead birds found in Bonnie Doon area

There are reports of dozens of dead birds in the Boonie Doon area.

. . . According to a spokesperson for Fish and Wildlife it appears that the birds died from blunt force trauma.

The birds were likely roosting and eating berries. Something likely startled them, putting them into the path of a large truck.

Global Saskatoon - www.globalsaskatoon.com
L Hoang
13 Jan 2011
Photo credit: Global Edmonton
Location: Bonnie Doon, Canada - Map It

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