May 24, 2011


Leads sought in killing of bald eagle in Haywood County

Wildlife officials are asking for the public's help in finding the person who shot and killed a bald eagle.

The full-grown but immature bird was found shot May 4 at the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds on Soco Road.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission are offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for killing the bird. -
19 May 2011
N Bompey
Photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Location: Maggie Valley, Haywood County, North Carolina, USA - Map It

Second whale found dead in Loch Carnan

A second pilot whale has been found dead in a Hebridean loch after experts feared more than 60 of the animals had been at risk of becoming beached.

. . . Tests on a body found earlier suggested the female died from disease, not because it was stranded on rocks.

Marine experts said the rest of the pod had now left the loch and appeared to be heading south.

BBC News -
22 May 2011
Photo credit: S Duffield
Location: Loch Carnan, South Uist, Scotland, United Kingdom - Map It


Foot & mouth disease - Bulgaria, Turkey: wild boar - Archive Number: 20110522.1556

Since the start of the FMD serotype O epizootic in Bulgaria, in January 2011, the source of infection was sought.

Bulgaria is regarded as a country free of FMD without vaccination; the last case was reported in October 1996.

The 1st new case was confirmed on 4 Jan 2011 in a wild boar shot in Burgas, near the Turkish border.

ProMED-mail -
22 May 2011
Location: Burgas, Bulgaria - Map It
and Turkish Thrace, Turkey - Map It


Reported Wildlife Mortality Events to the USGS National Wildlife Health Center Updated

USGS and a network of partners across the country work on documenting wildlife mortality events in order to provide timely and accurate information on locations, species and causes of death.

This information was updated on May 20, 2011 on the USGS National Wildlife Health Center web page, New and Ongoing Wildlife Mortality Events Nationwide.

Quarterly Mortality Reports are also available from this page. These reports go back to 1995.

USGS National Wildlife Health Center
23 May 2011

Area: United States

>>>Updated Wildlife Mortality Event Table

Photo credit: AFP