May 20, 2011

Workshop Announcement: Field Wildlife Forensics
June 20 - June 27, 2011
Shoals Marine Laboratory, New Hampshire, USA

This program is offered for credit through Cornell University OR as a non-credit "workshop" option for professionals.

Forensic Science represents the unique merging of scientific insight and the law. With increasing frequency, scientists from an ever-broadening spectrum of disciplines are being called upon to apply their knowledge, guidance and expertise to questions and issues arising within the criminal justice system and civil litigation arena. Marine biologists are no exception. Environmental catastrophes, marine mammal strandings, endangered/protected species issues, and maritime calamities are but a few of the types of incidents potentially requiring the forensic application of marine science.

Central to the sound application of marine science to forensic issues is an understanding of the unique procedures and requirements inherent in our legal system. Forensic Science for Wildlife Biologists (FSWB) provides a field-oriented introduction to the forensic science domain and the special rules and practices governing the utilization of science within the justice system. The unique teaching facilities of the Shoals Marine Laboratory and the close proximity of the maritime surroundings of the Isles of Shoals allow FSWB students to actively participate in classroom lectures, practical field exercises, and hands-on laboratory sessions all targeted at providing a realistic introduction to the world of the forensic scientist.

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