June 23, 2011


The birds began to die from abnormal weather ahead
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As the "MK" vice-president Russian Bird Conservation Union, Vladimir Romanov, the size of some bird species declined by 10 times, while others have virtually disappeared from the region.

Scientists, for example, found hundreds of dead black-headed gulls, and both adults and nestlings. The mass death of wild birds, according to Dr. Dolittle, due to lower water levels and lack of food, which caused the weakening of immunity. Marsh harriers remain only as long as their numbers, which is not surprising, since these birds can behave as predators and as scavengers.

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21 June 2011


MSU study: Dioxin has no adverse effects on birds, mink in Tittabawassee River flood plain

A Michigan State University study found several species of animals living in the Tittabawassee River downstream of Midland were as healthy as those found elsewhere. At Monday's Saginaw-Tittabawassee Rivers Contamination Community Advisory Group meeting, MSU Professor Matthew Zwiernik presented findings from the university’s seven-year wildlife study that measured exposure and impact of dioxins and furans on wildlife in Tittabawassee River basin.

Several bird species and American mink that lived near the Tittabawassee River downstream from Midland had higher furan and dioxin exposure in their tissue and diet than animals living along the Pine River and Tittabawassee River upstream of Midland, Zwiernick said. Animals in all locations showed no differences in individual and population health measurements, he said.

"We were unable to identify with any certainty any furan-associated adverse effects," he said.

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20 June 2011
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