July 19, 2011


Dead humpback whale on the move

A team from the New England Aquarium traveled to Nantucket Monday to perform a necropsy on the dead humpback whale that washed up on Smith's Point on Saturday.

By the time they arrived, however, the whale carcas [sic] had returned to the sea, and after washing up again near the public beach in Madaket, was reported breaking apart and traveling east along the south shore toward Cisco and Miacomet, where portions of its intestines were coming ashore.

…Kerry McNally, a biologist with the New England Aquarium, confirmed the animal was a humpback whale, but said she could not tell its age, sex or how it died until a full evaluation is performed. She urged beachgoers not to touch the whale.

"It's pretty decomposed and bloated, and people should definitely keep their distance," McNally said over the weekend. "Marine mammals harbor pathogens, and we don't want people getting sick. Even though it's dead, it's still a violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act to handle a deceased marine mammal, especially an endangered species like the humpback."

It is the second whale to wash up on Smith's Point in less than a month, after a smaller pilot whale stranded there in June.

The Inquirer and Mirror - www.ack.net
18 Jul 2011
J Graziadei
Location: Madaket, Massachusetts, USA - Map It


Beached Whale is left alone to die in RS
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The humpback whale stranded in the resort Pine Forest (RS) received on Friday (15), two doses of anesthetics that should be enough to sacrifice it.Still alive, but weakened, it was left to spend the night alone on the beach.The information is from the People's Mail .

The researchers plan to conduct an autopsy on the animal during the Saturday morning (16). The goal is to collect some samples of the body and bury the rest of the carcass. Human consumption is ruled out completely.

...The decision to end the life of the animal and not try an operation to replace it in the sea was taken at the end of Friday afternoon, after performing a blood test in the afternoon. The examination found that he was very weak and with pictures of anemia and renal complications. Ignacio Moreno said the mammal "was already showing signs that he would surrender" to receive two doses of anesthetics, through the respiratory tract.

R7 Noticias - noticias.r7.com
15 Jul 2011
Location: Balneário Pinhal, Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil - Map It


Commission to address the death of dolphins in the Kinburn Spit
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On behalf of the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine Mykola Zlochevsky established a commission to determine the causes of death of dolphins in the Black Sea near Kinburn Spit.

The commission was headed chief of the State Ecological Inspectorate, North-West Black Sea region, Sergei Likhachev, the press service of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

...According to media reports, over the weekend on the shores of Kinburn Spit found six mammals, and a day - two more.

As the "Channel 5", out of 8 found on the shore of the Dead dolphins found with seven gunshot wounds, another one - knocked out his jaw. Employees Landscape Park "Kinburn Spit" believe that the death of dolphins - the handiwork of poachers.

Podrobnosti - www.podrobnosti.ua
14 Jul 2011
Location: Kinburnska Kosa, Ukraine - Map It


West Nile Virus
Chronic Wasting Disease
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