July 7, 2011


A large number of egrets hanging premature death is unfortunately
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"A lot of egrets, born a month or two died, looking so poor." The day before yesterday, who lives in the public Liu Yinzhou Gulin hotline calls to the newspaper, said in a field between Yinjiang and found dozens of egrets died.

The afternoon of July 3, Mr. Liu Jiang Yin passing car with his son in a village, I saw a mountain road, the branches crowded egrets squatting, sometimes spread their wings, very spectacular. Father and son went to the foot, but found that paddy fields, ponds, ditches full of baby heron's body.

At the foot side of a ditch, a lot of baby heron to climb it, "Jojo" to lament. Liu father and son to spend more than 1 hour in 500-meter-long canal and drainage on the edge of the grass to save more than 50 cubs Heron, they are released into the mountains.

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06 Jul 2011
Location: Yinjiang, China - Map It


Humpback whale dies beaches of El Salvador
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An adult humpback whale, 15 meters long died early on day 5 after becoming beached Toluca, Municipality of San Diego, in La Libertad department, confirmed the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN).

Celina Duenas technique MARN Wildlife, said the villagers were told that the whale came alive at the beach during the day.

"He came out alive and most likely she was sick. Then he died. No one knows what killed her," explained Duenas.

He added that the municipality of the town on Tuesday to bury the whale later.

PeopleDaily - spanish.peopledaily.com.cn
06 Jul 2011
Location: Toluca, El Salvador - Map It


Fish foul beaches, but die-off could be sign of life

There’s something in the air along the Lake Michigan shore and it’s not the sweet smell of summer.

It’s the stench of rotting fish — silvery little devils that have died and washed up on the west shore of Lake Michigan from Kenosha to Door County by the millions, creating piles of rotting flesh that are magnets for swarms of flies and their maggot spawn. Ozaukee County is at the epicenter of the die-off, which has made enjoying popular beaches in Port Washington and the Town of Belgium a challenge, to say the least.

The culprit is the alewife, an innocuous looking fish, about 3 to 5 inches long, that while a bane for beach-goers is a staple for Lake Michigan’s sport fish. Ironically, the fact that the alewife is washing up in large numbers may be good news for the engineered ecosystem of Lake Michigan, an indication that the fodder for the $4 billion Great Lakes sport fishing industry is showing signs of life.

“If there are no abnormal causes for the die-off, then one conclusion is that it signals a larger alewife population,” said Brad Eggold, a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources fishery supervisor for southern Lake Michigan.

Ozaukee Press - www.ozaukeepress.com
06 Jul 2011
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