August 2, 2011


[At the meeting, some sixty dead birds fall from the sky]
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Seven months almost to the day after the mysterious rain of dead birds in the United States , the same curious phenomenon was repeated, Sunday, July 31, France, on the island of Reunion.

It is in the commune of Saint Benedict, on the northeast coast of the island, a family found in the day Sunday, July 31, precisely sixty-one birds lying in the garden, according to information revealed by local media .

"Around 13 hours, I saw a dog is walking with a bird in its mouth. Then it was the other dogs that followed. I looked into the yard and that's where I saw the birds, "he says Theresa, the mother to the newspaper on the island of Reunion . "birds roamed the bill, others were trying to fly by flapping wings, said one of his daughters. They continued to fall throughout the day in small groups. Some were hung in the trees."

Le Monde -
01 Aug 2011
Location: Saint-Benoît, Réunion, Africa - Map It


[Iset river was covered with dead fish]
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Mass death of fish. Residents of the village and the Great Source of Aramilev whose homes are located on the banks of the Iset, this morning were shocked: the surface of the river was covered with dead leschami, perch, carp and dace.

….The news quickly spread through the city. The smell of rotten fish felt even by those who live in dozens of meters from the River. Moore happy to just fish the birds. Gulls and crows are arranged on the river dinner. Carp and bream for them today an easy target. According to preliminary calculations inspectors, died last night about a ton of fish.

Inspectors on supervision of water appeared on the bank of the Iset at noon. Several fishes Victor Shiryaev catches for vets, they find out what poisoned the inhabitants of the Iset. Next, the inspector goes along the river to see where currents bring dead fish. 4 kilometers search leads to a nearby village Istok Great. Locals believe that the owner is guilty PE shop.

Vesti -
01 Aug 2011
Location: Aramil', Sverdlovsk, Russia - Map It


[seek the origin of a fish kill in the river Cabe]

Hydrographic Confederation Miño-Sil, the Seprona and environmental services of the Xunta investigating the cause of a major fish kill that occurred on Saturday in the river should be, between the towns of Lugo Monforte and Sober. Sources with the first of these organisms is suspected that the source may be a contaminant spill the industrial wastewater treatment plant of Monforte, but will wait to confirm the analysis that are currently underway.

The purification mentioned above has already led to episodes of contamination, but in the event, according to experts, may also have influenced a drop in the level of oxygen in the water led to the low level of the channel.

This event caused particular concern in Sober, because the first place Canaval mortality was detected, a parish of this town, where neighbors could see a lot of dead trout and cyprinids accumulated on a section in which the River runs through flat terrain. In the same area are deposits that supply the municipal water supply, so some feared that pollution brought to pass.

La Voz de Galicia -
30 Jul 2011
Location: Rio Cabe, Lugo, Spain - Map It


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