August 9, 2011


Type C Botulism Suspected as Cause of Duck Deaths in Koss Farms Drain Area

The Macomb County departments of Health and Animal Control suspect type C botulism as the cause of several dozen duck deaths along the Rose Drain in the Koss Farms subdivision. Homeowners living along the Rose Drain discovered a number of dead ducks in the area on July 28.

The Department of Natural Resources was contacted and on July 29, Animal Control responded to the area and collected some of the remains on the north side of the drain. Homeowners were told that the cause of the deaths was most likely type C botulism, as additional cases had previously been reported along 21 Mile Road.

On Aug. 1, 42 ducks were counted dead or near death along the stream and one homeowner's older dog had died, reported Valerie Buckley, a Koss Farms homeowner, on the homeowner's association's website.

Macomb Patch -
03 Aug 2011

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3 adult turtles found dead on Farnborough beach

A mix of flooding, cyclones and boaties may be responsible for the deaths of three adult turtles found washed up on a Capricorn Coast beach Friday.

A fourth turtle was found and rescued by Yeppoon resident Carl Harden and The Bully, after we called Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and helped lift her off Farnborough Beach. The green female turtle, aged about 30, opened her eyes and lifted her head while being photographed.

She looked in poor health and had trauma to her shell. Senior ranger for Rosslyn Bay Marine Parks Oliver Lanyon said it looked as if she had been floating for some time before being washed ashore. Mr Lanyon took her off the beach to be rehabilitated, and collected the other turtles.

The Morning Bulletin -
06 Aug 2011
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[3 dolphins found dead on beaches]
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Sad day in the waters of the Côte d'Amour. Yesterday morning around 9 am 15, Mesquer, the police were alerted to the presence of a dolphin stranded on the beach at Lanseria. The animal was immediately removed by municipal and entrusted to the Océarium Croisic. A little later, Croisic, another dolphin badly decomposed, was found in the rocks of Port aux Rocs.

The two mammals, very damaged, will be discussed today at the Océarium. Tests will measure and determine their sex and species. All these data will then be forwarded to the Research Centre of Marine Mammals of La Rochelle.

Yesterday at La Baule, rescuers CRS followed for much of the morning, another dolphin, injured and disoriented, wandering into the bay. The animal was finally stranded on the beach early in the afternoon. Death also, but less damaged than the other two, it should be autopsied today by the services of the Océarium Croisic.

Ouest France -
08 Aug 2011
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[More and more porpoises washed ashore]
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Along the Dutch coast last night porpoises washed ashore. Every year, hundreds of beaches that marine mammals, but this year the number of already very high.

In 2009, in the year 513 dead porpoises found, there are now over 320. Rinse the other years porpoises usually only augstus on. This year alone in July 93 found. Especially at the Zeeland and South Holland coast, many of these dead animals found.

The mammals go to the laboratory of Utrecht University. Researchers are trying for some time to find out why so many porpoises washed ashore.

08 Aug 2011
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