September 1, 2011

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories


What is killing killer whales? [PCBs]

Killer whales, the ocean's fiercest predators, are easily recognisable by their black and white markings. But their future seems less clearly defined.

Marine experts are concerned about an invisible threat to the animals that has been building in our seas since World War II.

That was when industries began extensively using chemical flame retardants, such as PCBs.

BBC News -
30 Aug 2011
E Davies
Photo courtesy of BBC News

Mystery May Be Solved Surrounding Severe Pelican Injuries

Each day, a few more dead or injured pelicans are spotted at Port San Luis. But over the weekend, investigators may have an answer to who or what is causing the peril surrounding these birds: sea lions.

Department of Fish and Game Officials made the revelation this weekend, when new evidence surfaced at Port San Luis. It was there that some weekend kayakers saw pelicans dive down to catch fish and then watched sea lions surface, grab the birds, and pull them under the water.

The pelicans either disappeared or resurfaced and flew away with visible injuries.

...Based on the injuries, and possibly teeth marks, Fish and Game Investigators should be able to determine if sea lions are in fact to blame.

KOIN Fox News 35 -
30 Aug 2011
Location: Port San Luis, California - Map It

Wildlife officials investigating possible EHD outbreak

Wildlife officials are asking hunters to keep an eye out for dead deer in western North Dakota that could indicate the presence of epizootic hemorrhagic disease.

According to Dan Grove, wildlife veterinarian for the Game and Fish Department, about 20 dead whitetail deer have been reported in four western counties — McKenzie, Hettinger, Slope and Golden Valley.

Grove said the deaths have characteristics similar to previous EHD events, though biologists have not yet confirmed the cause of the deer deaths.

The Bismarck Tribune -
30 Aug 2011
Location: McKenzie - Map It ; Hettinger - Map It ; Slope - Map It ; Golden Valley - Map It
North Dakota, USA

More EHD News

EHD Appears In Central Montana Whitetails [Location: Fort Benton, Montana - Map It ]

[Miramar Beach fish kills]
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In the presence of red tide on the beach and Miramar Pico de Oro in the municipality of Centla, adds a natural phenomenon caused by the microorganism Diatoms, which is causing fish kills.

Since last Sunday fish of different species such as pufferfish, buzzards, eels and chucumus were tossed onto the shore of Miramar Beach.

...According to the Directorate for Protection Against Health Risks by red tide spot has an area of ​​150 meters on the beach and Miramar Pico de Oro, which two weeks ago still remained in the state, and is expected to rainfall rain, to lower temperatures with the presence of weather, you can leave the coast of Tabasco and take to sea.

Loaiza Gonzalez reported that according to the last sampling, toxicological levels of algae is high Karenya Brevis above 5 000, although this does not threaten the shores of Paradise and Cardenas why fishing in this area is normalized, " the presence of red tide on the beach is only Peak Gold and Miramar, the latter championed the Aug. 25 after having noticed a high concentration of toxins, "he added.

El Heraldo de Tabasco -
31 Aug 2011
R Perez Magana
Location: Villahermosa, Mexico - Map It


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