September 8, 2011

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Strandings go up as marine ecosystems deteriorate

The deterioration of the world's marine ecosystems contributes to an increase in marine mammal strandings each year, according to T. David Schofield, regional marine mammal health and response program manager of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration National Marine Fisheries Service.

“The national statistics show that strandings are increasing each year a little bit. That again speaks to the decline in the health of our oceans because of pollution, fisheries imbalance, probably at some level climate change. It's all related, it's all connected,” ....

... According to Schofield, marine mammals strand themselves for a reason “and the reasons are usually multi-faceted”-including disease processes, old age, and anthropogenic or human-related causes.

Saipan Tribune -
31 Aug 2011
C David

New plan aims to reduce bird, wind turbine conflicts from Corpus Christi to Canada

A federal agency hopes to create what it says is an unprecedented plan to protect threatened and endangered birds from wind turbines across a broad swath of the United States, from the Coastal Bend to Canada.

The plan would provide conservation guidelines for development of wind farms across a 200-mile-wide migratory flyway from the Gulf of Mexico to North Dakota and Montana.

...Under the new approach, a group of major wind industry players would forge a bird conservation plan for the whole flyway, rather than doing it for individual wind farms as they are developed, said Tom Stehn, a biologist for the wildlife service and the whooping crane coordinator for Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

Caller -
07 Sep 2011
M Collettee


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