September 26, 2011

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories


Hooks, parasites, fungi - and the fishes struggle on

A fungal disease and a parasite are making fish sick at a central Queensland harbour, biosecurity authorities say.

Fishing in Gladstone's harbour has been banned for three weeks, after fish were found with sores and cloudy eyes.

Fisheries Queensland general manager of habitat and assessment John Robertson said initial test results identified two conditions: red-spot disease and a parasite.
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Dr Robertson said red-spot disease is endemic in Queensland and usually occurs either during winter months when the immunity of the fish is lower, or following the first heavy rainfall of the wet season.

... Dr Robertson said more research was needed into the parasite, which affected the eye of the fish.

"We now know that this parasite is what has been causing the cloudy eyes in some barramundi in the area," he said.

Brisbane Times -
23 Sept 2011
Location: Gladstone, Queensland, Australia - Map It


Whale, calf wash up on Cape Lookout

An adult pygmy sperm whale that washed up along Cape Lookout National Seashore this week died and her calf had to be euthanized, but there was at least one positive outcome with the latest marine mammal stranding along Carteret County.

“We learn from each stranding event,” said Dr. Vicky Thayer, coordinator for the Marine Mammal Stranding Network for the central area of North Carolina.

The information gathered helps determine why they may have died or what may have contributed to the stranding.

… The adult whale, which measured about 9.5 feet, had already died and the calf, which was about 3 feet, was still alive but appeared weak, he said.

Thayer said it appears the adult whale had an illness, and a necropsy — or animal autopsy — was done to help determine the cause of death.

ENC Today -
23 Sept 2011
Location: Cape Lookout, North Carolina, USA - Map It



Photo courtesy of The Guardian

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