November 30, 2011

Wildlife Disease Journal Digest

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Risk factors associated with mortality from white-nose syndrome among hibernating bat colonies
Biology Letters. 2011 Dec 23; 7(6): 950-953
AP Wilder et al.

Infection with a Hepatozoon sp. closely related to Hepatozoon felis in a wild Pampas gray fox (Lycalopex – Pseudalopex – gymnocercus) co-infected with canine distemper virus
Veterinary Parasitology. 2011; [Epub ahead of print]. doi: 10.1016/j.vetpar.2011.11.006
F Giannitti et al.

Spatio-temporal epidemiology of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) outbreaks in Nigeria, 2006–2008
Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 2011; [Epub ahead of print]
PS Ekong et al.

Identification of a novel nidovirus associated with a neurological disease of the Australian brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)
Veterinary Microbiology. 2011; [Epub ahead of print]. doi:10.1016/j.vetmic.2011.11.013
M Dunowska et al.

Brucellosis at the animal/ecosystem/human interface at the beginning of the 21st century
Prev Vet Med. 2011 Nov 1;102(2):118-31. Epub 2011 May 14.
J Godfroid et al.

Marine Science Review - November 15, 2011
Pathogens and Disease - Part A

Marine Science Review - November 17, 2011

Pathogens and Disease - Part B

Journal of Wildlife Diseases - October 1, 2011
Volume 47, Issue 4

Veterinary Parasitology - 29 December 2011
Volume 183, Issues 1-2

The Role of Multiple Hosts in the Cross-Species Transmission and Emergence of a Pandemic Parvovirus

J Virol. 2011 Nov 9. [Epub ahead of print]
AB Allison et al.

Haemosporidian infections in skylarks (Alauda arvensis): a comparative PCR-based and microscopy study on the parasite diversity and prevalence in southern Italy and the Netherlands
European Journal of Wildlife Research. 2011. [Epub ahead of print]. doi: 10.1007/s10344-011-0586-y
P Zehtindjiev et al.

Combined evaluation of bovine tuberculosis in wild boar (Sus scrofa) and red deer (Cervus elaphus) from Central-East Portugal
European Journal of Wildlife Research. 2011. [Epub ahead of print]. doi:10.1007/s10344-011-0532-z
M Vieira-Pinto et al.

Effects of wind farms and food scarcity on a large scavenging bird species following an epidemic of bovine spongiform encephalopathy
Journal of Applied Ecology. 2011. [Epub ahead of print]. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2011.02080.x
A Martínez-Abraín et al.

North American West Nile virus genotype isolates demonstrate differential replicative capacities in response to temperature
J Gen Virol. 2011 Nov; 92(11): 2523-2533
CC Andrade et al.

Understanding pathogen transmission dynamics in waterbird communities: At what scale should interactions be studied?

South African Journal of Science. 2011; 107(9/10)
LH MacGregor et al.

White-tailed deer are susceptible to the agent of sheep scrapie by intracerebral inoculation
Veterinary Research. 2011; 42(1): 107
J Greenleen et al.