December 6, 2011

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Whirling disease found at Utah’s prized Strawberry Reservoir

Most anglers and biologists feared that it was inevitable that whirling disease would find its way into Strawberry Reservoir, one of Utah’s most important flat-water trout fisheries.

That inevitability occurred this week when fish pathologists from the Division of Wildlife Resources tested 60 kokanee salmon collected at Strawberry and found spores from the parasite in two of them.

The Salt Lake Tribune -
02 Dec 2011
T Wharton
Location: Strawberry Reservoir - Map It

Scientists roll out plan to monitor B.C. salmon for virus

Scientists in British Columbia, Washington state and Alaska are developing separate surveillance plans for a salmon virus that has yet to be officially detected in north Pacific waters.

Cornelius Kiley, director of National Aquatic Animal Health at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, said Friday that while his agency can't confirm the presence of infectious salmon anaemia in B.C. waters, the surveillance plan will add to the knowledge around diseases and viruses in fish and fish health.

Ted Meyers, Alaska's chief fish pathologist, said several federal agencies and laboratories in the U.S. Pacific Northwest are developing their own surveillance plan to test for the virus.

... Earlier this week, an unpublished, leaked report authored by a post-doctoral student at Fisheries' labs in Nanaimo concluded more than 100 instances of an asymptomatic form of the virus had been found in samples of wild salmon taken between 2002 and 2003.

CTV - m/
03 Dec 2011

[Pennsylvania Game Commission press release]

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials, joined by veterinarians and laboratory technicians from the Pennsylvania and U.S. departments of Agriculture, will continue their efforts to sample thousands of hunter-killed deer to determine whether chronic wasting disease (CWD) has come to the Commonwealth.

For nearly a decade, we have tested hunter-killed deer, and have not found or confirmed any cases of CWD-infected deer in Pennsylvania,” said Carl G. Roe, Game Commission executive director. “We are planning to collect samples from about 4,000 hunter-killed deer to test for CWD in the firearms deer season. Last year, we tested samples from 3,882 deer. CWD was not detected in any of the samples.”

Pennsylvania Game Commission -
29 Nov 2011
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

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