January 26, 2012

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories


DFG Investigates First Cases of Canine Distemper in Wild Desert Kit Foxes

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is investigating the death of seven desert kit foxes from canine distemper in eastern Riverside County. These deaths, which occurred over the past two months, are the first documented cases of canine distemper in wild desert kit foxes. Wildlife officials want to determine if this is an isolated case or if the disease is more widespread.

The kit foxes were found 20 miles outside of Blythe on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and leased to Genesis Solar LLC to construct a utility-scale solar project. The animals were turned over to DFG’s wildlife investigations lab for testing. The necropsies determined that distemper was the cause of death, but it is not known how the foxes contracted the disease. Canine distemper can cycle naturally in wild carnivore populations, but can also be transmitted to and from domestic animals that come in contact with wildlife.

California Department of Fish and Game News - cdfgnews.wordpress.com
24 Jan 2012
Photo courtesy of DFG
Location: Blythe, California, USA - Map It

Humpback Whale Dies After Stranding Itself In Fort Pierce Inlet

Florida marine scientists say it was too late to save a juvenile humpback whale that died after beaching itself in the Fort Pierce inlet.

..."Something must have been wrong for it to come to shore," Blair Mase, a federal marine mammal stranding coordinator, told TC Palm. "It was thin and in poor body condition."

... researchers from the Fish and Wildlife Commission and FAU marine programs suspect the whale had an infection, citing very little food in its stomach and a severely underweight showing at 5,000 pounds.

...The whale, one of five to beach itself in Florida in the last five years, underwent a necropsy and before the carcass will be towed out to sea. Officials said the results should be known in a few weeks.

The Huffington Post - www.huffingtonpost.com
25 Jan 2012
Location: Fort Pierce, Florida, USA - Map It

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Devil's Den caves stay closed to protect bats from fungus

... Rangers say Devil's Den State Park has more than 1,000 bats in its caves including five different species, two of which are endangered.

So far, she says Devil's Den bats appear to be unaffected. But as a precaution, the caves will remain closed. Penny says, "To lose our bats, no matter what your feeling on these little flying mammals, is going to be a huge ripple down effect on our ecosystem."

CBS: Today's THV - www.todaysthv.com
23 Jan 2012
Location: Arkansas, USA

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