March 19, 2012

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Fungus deadly to bats found in Alabama cave

White-nose syndrome, which has devastated bat populations in the Northeastern United States, has been detected in wintering populations of bats in Alabama's Russell Cave.

In early March surveyors found infected tri-colored bats in the Northeast Alabama cave complex. This is the first evidence of the deadly fungus in Alabama.

Alabama Live -
14 Mar 2012
T Spencer
Location: Russell Cave National Monument, Alabama, USA - Map It

More White-nose Syndrome

Northern Michigan seeing more cases of canine distemper in gray foxes, says DNR official

The mild winter has not only wreaked havoc with winter sports -- it's to blame for increased cases of canine distemper in gray foxes, said Katie Keen, wildlife outreach technician with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

... Seven counties across Northern Michigan, including Charlevoix County, have reported cases of gray foxes infected with the disease, said Keen. The virus causes respiratory and intestinal problems, such as coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, or discharge from the nose and eyes.

... But while the cases have increased, Remsberg said they are still rare. However, he encourages people to exercise caution if they see animals acting out of the ordinary.

Petoskey News -
15 Mar 2012
M Sherburne
Location:Charlevoix Cty., Michigan, USA - Map It


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