May 18, 2012

In the Spotlight: Introducing the One Health Global Network Webportal

The One Health Global Network (OHGN),, is a 'network of networks' that works to bring partners from One Health initiatives together from around the globe. This webportal is currently under development, but it was recently opened to the public. 

The goals for the OHGN Webportal are to:
  • Unify the One Health community
  • Connect the wealth of One Health information through a single portal
  • Facilitate access to One Health initiatives, as well as promote and interconnect them
  • Join and promote balanced involvement of all regions of the world around One Health
  • Encourage interaction and discussion

What You Will Find on the OHGN Webportal?

  • Description and link to One Health, a online forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas about the One Health approach and its many applications
  • Upcoming and past meetings related to the One Health approach
  • List of links to One Health Platforms and training providers
  • Collection of resources (e.g. videos, photos, case studies, presentations and databases)

Who is the OHGN?  

The OHGN and its webportal are set up by a group of professionals involved in the rapid development of the One Health movement. They represent various sectors related to One Health. While belonging to government agencies, regional institutions, international technical agencies including the UN, universities, development banks, NGOs and civil society, they all act in their personal expert capacity and pro bono. Currently, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia are represented in the working group, which remains open to new members. Contributions to this webportal are very welcome.

Source: One Health Global Network

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