June 28, 2012

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories


[Thirty birds affected by the outbreak of botulism in Ciudad Real]
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The likely new outbreak of botulism has been detected in Lake Navaseca in Coldstream, a few kilometers from National Park Daimiel Tables has affected so far to thirty birds.

This was released today for the Environment Councillor of the Municipality of Coldstream, Gregorio Díaz del Campo, who explained that since the outbreak was detected 11 birds were recovered dead and 16 sick, of different species.

ABC.es - www.abc.es
26 Jun 2012
Location: Tablas de Daimiel National Park, Spain - Map It

Hares killed by disease found for 1st time in Cyprus

Hunters have found dead hares in all parts of the island that died from a disease that has been seen here for the 1st time.

A number of hares that died from the fatal disease pseudotuberculosis were found in all districts of the island recently except for Famagusta, according to an announcement by the Game Fund.

The Game Fund located a number of dead hares during the January to April 2012 hunting period. From these hares around 6 were good enough to conduct a post-mortem on, from which it was discovered they died from pseudotuberculosis.

CyprusMail - www.cyprus-mail.com
17 Jun 2012
N Hami
Location: Cyprus - Map It

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Photo of white-nose syndrome map courtesy of USA Today

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