July 13, 2012

In the Spotlight - Upcoming Wildlife Health Related Meetings

1st Brazilian Conference for Wildlife and Human Health
October 24-26, 2012
Copacabana, Brazil

The 1st Brazilian Conference for Wildlife and Human Health will deepen the understanding of the effects of biodiversity loss on the emergency of diseases of wild, domesticated or human animals represents.

Conference presenters will share experiences on monitoring, prevention and on modeling of occurrence of pathogens, vectors and hosts. In addition, they will also pursue the identification of knowledge gaps and the strengthening of partnerships and synergies to face the challenges, besides divulging the importance of biodiversity for health and conservation.

Wildlife Center of Virginia - 17th Annual Call of the Wild Conference
November 10-11, 2012
Waynesboro, Virginia, USA

The Wildlife Center of Virginia is hosting the 17th annual Call of the Wild conference on wildlife rehabilitation. Wildlife rehabilitators, veterinary professionals, wildlife biologists, environmental educators, and wildlife enthusiasts from Virginia and beyond will share ideas and knowledge that can benefit wildlife, the environment, and the continually evolving field of wildlife rehabilitation.

The 34th IWRC Symposium in Appleton, Wisconsin
Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
November 12-17, 2012

More than 150 wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, conservationists, and other wildlife professionals will gather in Appleton, Wisconsin for the 34th Annual International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council’s Symposium.  The event will provide an excellent opportunity for wildlife professionals to meet and exchange ideas, skills, and products relating to wildlife rehabilitation. The overall theme for the symposium will be The Science of Wildlife Rehabilitation.

4th Wildlife Diseases and Conservation Symposium
London, England
November 15, 2012

The Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management have already secured a number of distinguished speakers to present on wildlife disease and management. Topics to be covered include:
  • 'One health' - integrating human, domestic animal and wildlife health
  • Disease threats from animal imports and pet travel
  • Bat disease surveillance
  • Cetacean stranding
  • Vector borne diseases
  • Avian reintroductions and poisoning

Did We Miss an Important Meeting?

If you notice that the WDIN Event Calendar is missing an important meeting, please email the meeting url to us at digest@wdin.org. If it fits within the scope of wildlife health, we will add it.

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