July 2, 2012

Today's Wildlife Disease News Digest


[In the Tver Region revealed serious disease of fish]
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Yesterday, June 27, experts Tver Interregional Veterinary Laboratory revealed the third in this year's event aeromonosis.

Disease was found in a river carp, brought to the laboratory of Burashevskogo rural settlement. Aeromonosis previous case, a dangerous infectious disease of fish, was reported in carp, pathological material from which was taken from the village Ignatova Kalinin district.

TVER Komsomolskaya Pravda - tver.kp.ru
28 Jun 2012
V Bystrov
Location: Tver, Russia -Map It

Rainbow Lorikeet Deaths in Melbourne

Since early March 2012, wild rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) have been reported as dead or sick at a number of sites in the eastern and north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. ... At one site, over 32 deaths were recorded. Sick birds have shown signs such as diarrhoea, vomiting, regurgitation, and lethargy. In some cases, hand feeding of lorikeets has occurred at the sites.

... At this stage, a bacterial infection of the bowel, known as necrotic enteritis, is believed to be the most likely cause. Birds have tested negative for other possible diseases, such as avian influenza, Newcastle disease, avian paramyxovirus, salmonellosis and psittacosis. Investigations are however ongoing.

Dept of Primary Industries - www.dpi.vic.gov
04 Jun 2012
Image courtesy of Dept of Primary Industries
Location: Melbourne, Australia -  Map It


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