July 26, 2012

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As more peacocks drop dead, wildlife department tries to get to the bottom of the mystery

The Sindh Wildlife Department believes that the peacocks which died in Thar were suffering from ‘Ranikhet’ or Newcastle Disease, which is a fatal and contagious virus found among birds, including chicken. However, blood tests of sick and dead peacocks have yet to be conducted.

Although no exact figure for the dead peacocks is available, the residents of Mithi say that more than 50 have perished within a week across half a dozen villages. The ones which have died in the forest or were eaten by animals have not been included in this figure.

...The few peacocks which have been cured by vets of the livestock department were given vitamin supplements and an antibiotic. This raises questions about the plausibility of Baloch’s assertion that the birds are dying because of a fatal virus instead of some other reasons, such as a vitamin deficiency.

The Express Tribune - tribune.com.pk
23 Jul 2012
Z Ali and S Bajeer
Location: Thar, Pakistan
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OC Officials Warn of Possible Bird Botulism Outbreak

Authorities in Orange County are warning the public about a possible outbreak of botulism involving birds.

Five Mallard ducks and one American Coot were admitted to the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center (WWCC) in Huntington Beach on Monday with possible avian botulism.

Rescuers estimated that approximately 20 more birds would be transported to WWCC on Tuesday morning, the center said in a news release.

KTLA News - www.ktla.com
24 Jul 2012
Location: Orange Co., USA 
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Virus Discovered in Cultus Lake Sport Fish

... SFU professor Rick Routledge and Stan Proboszcz, a fisheries biologist at the Watershed Watch Salmon Society, have found evidence of the piscine reovirus (PRV) in cutthroat trout caught in Cultus Lake.

Tests conducted by, Fred Kibenge, a virology professor at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, found evidence of the virus in 13 of 15 sampled fish. Follow-up analyses further confirmed the virus's presence in these fish and identified their genetic sequencing as 99 per cent identical to Norwegian strains.

Science Daily - www.sciencedaily.com
19 Jul 2012
Location: Cultus Lake, Canada - Map It

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Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Iowa

A white-tail deer at a hunting preserve in Davis County has become the first positive detection of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Iowa. The positive sample was verified this week, and DNR is working closely with the State Veterinarian on this isolated incident.

...The Davis County facility where the animal was held has been inspected by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) to ensure that any remaining deer remain contained. The facility is surrounded by an eight-foot fence. A quarantine has also been issued for the facility.

Iowa Dept of Natural Resources - www.iowadnr.gov
23 Jul 2012
Location:  Davis Co., Iowa, USA - Map It

Photo courtesy of The Guardian's feature Week in Wildlife

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