August 9, 2012

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories


Avian botulism responsible for duck deaths at Sugar House Park

... Monday morning, Salt Lake County authorities reported it is likely avian botulism that killed some three dozen birds at Sugar House Park over the weekend.

The avian deaths at Sugar House Park are not unusual, said Martin Jensen, spokesman for Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation.

"Each year at this time we have ducks die in the park," he said. "It happens this time of year when flows run low in ponds."

Salt Lake Tribune -
06 Aug 2012
C Smart
Location: Sugar House Park, Utah, USA - Map It 

New Bat Virus Could Hold Key to Hendra Virus

Australian scientists have discovered a new virus in bats that could help shed light on how Hendra and Nipah viruses cause disease and death in animals and humans.

The new virus -- named 'Cedar' after the Queensland location where it was discovered -- is a close relative of the deadly Hendra and Nipah viruses.

However, CSIRO's initial studies have discovered one surprising key difference -- the Cedar virus does not cause illness in several animal species normally susceptible to Hendra and Nipah.

Science Daily -
02 Aug 2012

Photo courtesy of The Guardian's feature Week in Wildlife

A rescued pangolin is released into the forest by government
wildlife officers in Karo district, North Sumatra province.
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