September 28, 2012

In the Spotlight: A Thank You from WDIN

Hello Digest Readers,

Last week during one of our fundraising announcements we asked you for your thoughts on fundraising opportunities. And you answered! A big THANK YOU for the great ideas that you shared and for the time and effort you took to pass them along. Keep them coming. As we mentioned before, WDIN is solely responsible for its financial health.

Support the Digest and other valuable WDIN services by:
  • Making donations here.
  • Emailing the Digest manager, Cris Marsh at with the information about funding opportunities and corporate contributions.
Help keep us online and enable us to continue to deliver the Wildlife Disease News Digest to your electronic doorstep.

The WDIN Team

Cris Marsh
Megan Hines
Vicki Szewczyk
Dr. Kurt Sladky

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