September 20, 2012

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories

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Top Stories

Scientists investigate Brisbane River fish kill

Scientists are investigating whether a virus is the cause of the deaths of thousands of catfish in the Brisbane River. A major clean-up is happening in Lowood today, west of Ipswich, with Somerset Regional Council staff helping scientists and rangers clean the Brisbane River of thousands of decaying catfish.

...He said scientists had told him this morning they believed "something natural, perhaps a virus" had triggered the fish kill.

...A spokeswoman for Seqwater, which monitors water quality, said they had not been notified of any unusual discharges from the water treatment at Lowood to the Brisbane River.

...Only catfish have died in the outbreak, suggesting a virus through the local fish population, rather than a spill would also effect the bass, bony bream and lungfish found in the river.

Mr Connor said the majority of the dead fish were found around Lowood, although small numbers of dead catfish were found upstream, close to Lockyer Creek.

Sydney Morning Herald -
19 Sep 2012
T Moore
Location: View locations of die off reported in the news in Queensland, Australia on
the Global Wildlife Disease News Map

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Botulism confirmed as cause of August duck die-off on Beaver Dam Lake

About 50 sick or dead ducks reported on Beaver Dam Lake in Dodge County in early August tested positive for botulism, federal wildlife health officials have confirmed.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wildlife officials investigated reports of ducks that appeared paralyzed and could not lift their heads or fly from August 10-13. Staff collected duck carcasses and samples were submitted to the U.S. Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center in Madison. The center confirmed on Sept. 17 that the ducks tested positive for botulism type C toxin.

Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources -
17 Sep 2012
Location: Beaver Dam Lake, Wisconsin, USA - Map It

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