October 10, 2012

Wildlife Disease Journal Digest

Comments shared by readers from a survey conducted in 2010
The Wildlife Data Integration Network (WDIN) has been publishing the Wildlife Disease News Digest since 2005. Over the last seven years, readers have come to rely on the Digest and other WDIN products and services for timely wildlife health data and information.

Now we are relying on you, our readers, to help raise $40,000 by Dec 31, 2012 to ensure the continued availability of the Digest in 2013.

To date we have received about $450.  A BIG THANKS to those of you who have already donated. Only $39,550 to go to reach our goal!  If each of our 2,700 readers contributed only $15 annually, we would meet and exceed our goal.  Is the Digest worth $1.25 per month for an annual contribution of $15?   Maybe more, maybe less? No matter the amount, any contribution is appreciated and gets us that much closer to our goal.

If you look forward to starting your day with the Wildlife Disease News Digest, consider making a contribution. Through the University of Wisconsin Foundation, different giving options are available, including one-time gifts, or annual or monthly pledges. Find one that works for you here.

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  1. We would love to hear from you about upcoming grant proposals or funding opportunities that you feel match our work to increase access to wildlife health information and data. (See WDIN products factsheet).
  2. Ask your company, university, or agency if they would be willing to sponsor the Digest, a source of information which you have come to rely on for the latest news and developments on wildlife health issues.  

We love keeping you informed.  With your support, we can keep on publishing the Digest for everyone's benefit.

The WDIN Team

Cris Marsh
Megan Hines
Vicki Szewczyk
Dr. Kurt Sladky

Browse complete Digest  publication library here.

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