December 14, 2012

In the Spotlight: Twelve Days of the Wildlife Health Event Reporter

Twelve Days of the Wildlife Health Event Reporter
Day Four: Holiday Advertising Fatigue? WHER's 'Ads' Only Spread Desired Information!

Example thank you message from WHER for a report submission including
additional instructions as to when and how to contact their agency.
What we advertise or share with WHER’s reporters are additional steps, if available, about when and who they should follow up with in regards to their report. In some cases within the ‘thank you for your submission’ message, state agencies and other organizations interested in wildlife health sightings have provided contact instructions and details about what they want to know.

For example, when a sighting has been reported in Wisconsin, inside of the thank you message, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources provides the following instructional information:
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has an active Wildlife Health monitoring program and in certain situations may want to follow up to obtain samples for disease testing. This would include reports involving a group of 5 or more sick or dead animals and for certain individual species/types of animals.

Please go to the WDNR website: and search by “wildlife health” for the most current information on when to contact your local WDNR office.”

Invitation to Professional Organizations to Include Your Contact Information in WHER to share with the Public

As a member of a state agency or other organization such as a wildlife care center, do you want to know when a certain kind of report is made to WHER by the public in your state, such as events that involve a specific number of animals or a certain species?  Help us let the public know when you want them to take that extra step to contact you. We invite you to send us your details and desires at -- be sure to include the appropriate contact information and specific directions on the type of WHER reports you are interested in hearing more about.

If you observe a wildlife health event while out doing your holiday shopping, before you unpack your shopping bags, make your report to WHER!

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