February 15, 2013

In the Spotlight: 2012 Funding Campaign - Thank You for All You Did!

Hello Readers,

Our 2012 fundraising campaign has ended. Thanks to everyone for enduring the campaign messages, for sharing all of your great fundraising ideas, and most importantly, for all your generous contributions. While we did not make our target, the Digest will continue on a more limited basis.

Even though our readership continues to grow (we gained over 500 new readers in 2012!), we will be unable to continue to provide the Digest at the frequency you have enjoyed for the last 6 years. Since losing base support from the National Biological Information Infrastructure in 2010, we must generate support from our community to help keep this important resource online. We will still bring you the latest wildlife disease related news and developments. But, in the near future, we will publish the news issues of the Digest twice a week. In addition, the Wildlife Disease Journal Digest will continue to be published on Wednesdays. Friday’s ‘In the Spotlight’ issues will also continue be published, just not weekly.

We have established a ‘Support Page’ that readers can access at anytime which provides information about options that you or your institution can use to support the Digest and WDIN's other products and services. If you have not made a contribution, look for the option that works best for you and give today!

Support through an Institutional Subscription
Institutions interested in supporting the Digest and other WDIN products and services can review our subscription levels and choose the level that works for you and begin receiving the benefits for signing up. If you use the Digest, please present this option to the person at your institution who is best able to make the commitment to support at this level. Only you can champion the value the Digest provides to you and your work.

Support through a Professional Individual Subscription
A wildlife professional can get an individual subscription through their business account. To begin the process, complete the request form and an invoice will be issued to your organization. You will have the option to pay by check or credit card. Many readers have found this to be a great way to support the Digest as a business expense through their work funds.

Make an Individual Donation
Through the University of Wisconsin Foundation, different giving options are available, including one-time gifts, annual or monthly pledges. Find the one that works for you and donate now. (To mail in your donation, download printable donation form HERE.) Your donation may be tax deductible under the IRS guidelines based on your personal tax situation.

Share Your Funding Ideas
Tell us about upcoming grant requests for proposals and other funding opportunities that you feel match our mission to increase access to wildlife health information and data. Email your ideas to us at digest@wdin.org. If your organization is applying for grant funds and we can be involved with data integration, contact us to discuss possibilities to collaborate on a grant! Check out our other products (link to product list paper) to see if we can help you further in your work in wildlife health.

Send a Letter of Support!
As we apply for grants and other funding opportunities, your testimony about the benefits you gain from WDIN’s products and services are crucial to demonstrating the need for our work to potential funders. Please consider writing a short letter of endorsement for our efforts that we can include as supporting documentation for upcoming opportunities. You can email it to us at digest@wdin.org.

We love keeping you informed!

Dr. Kurt Sladky
Cris Marsh
Megan Hines
Victoria Szewczyk

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