August 2, 2013

Wildlife Health Event Reporter: We Want Your Ideas!

We are Collecting Your Ideas for the Wildlife Health Event Reporter

The Wildlife Health Event Reporter (WHER),, was developed as an online tool for sharing and learning about other reports of injured, sick and dead wildlife.

Because wild animals are considered effective sentinels for environmental health hazards, researchers and practitioners are interested in monitoring wildlife health events like those reported to WHER to help them detect new emerging diseases, biosecurity concerns and other problems that could affect humans, domestic animals and wildlife. 

As the WHER community grows, so do the needs of its members.  Since WHER was launched in 2010, we have been collecting your ideas for how to upgrade and enhance  this wildlife health surveillance and communication tool.

You will find a current list of these ideas here on the newly created webpage, Your Ideas for WHER!, on the Wildlife Health Event Reporter News & Information website.   Learn about the great ideas WHER users have given us as well as contribute your own thoughts.  You can add your idea directly to the site in the comments section or email it to us at    Don't be shy, tell us! By sharing your ideas, you are helping us better understand the needs and interests of current and future WHER users.

We are continually on the lookout for funding to support the implementation of your ideas, although if you have a lead on potential funding opportunities or are interested in collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you.   In addition to seeking groups interested in using WHER for their data collection and management needs, we desire to connect with groups who want to contribute their data and/or use WHER data for data-driven research questions.

Let's face wildlife disease challenges together! 


The Wildlife Data Integration Network Team
Megan Hines
Cris Marsh
Dr. Kurt Sladky 
Vicki Szewczyk

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