May 24, 2010


The saiga antelopes are dying in the western Kazakhstan

On May 20, 2010 about 1200 corpses of antelopes were found in the Western Kazakhstan Oblast, AMI Novosti-Kazakhstan reports with the reference to press-service of Ministry of Agriculture. . . . Earlier the emergency ministry reported the death of about 200 saigas.

. . . The inspectors affirm that on May 15-17 they observed some "strangely grey fog" in the above-mentioned area, although the weather was clear.

"The external examination of the dead bodies revealed the abdominal distention, foam and diarrhea. The dead bodies were delivered to the laboratory", the message specifies.

Ferghana.Ru Information Agency -
21 May 2010
Location: Kazakhstan - Map It

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U of S vaccine targets CWD in deer, elk

The University of Saskatchewan is commercializing a vaccine that targets chronic wasting disease in domesticated and wild deer and elk populations.

The vaccine, developed by the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization and International Vaccine Centre (VIDO) at the U of S, is in the last stages of development and will be tested in domesticated elk and deer within the year.

The fatal and incurable chronic wasting disease (CWD) has spread across deer and elk populations in Canada and the United States, but herds in Saskatchewan have suffered the most, said VIDO CEO and director Andrew Potter.

The StarPhoenix -
20 May 2010
J Warren

Herpes Killing Fish in Echo Park?

Biologists believe a herpes outbreak is killing hundreds of fish in Echo Park Lake.

At least 200 dead fish were recovered from the lake this week, most of them carp.

The fish have been found floating belly-up in the water.

KTLA News -
21 May 2010
Photo courtesy of KTLA News
Location: Echo Park Lake, Echo Park, California - Map It

While reporting few dead wildlife, officials cite fears of BP spill's hidden impact

. . . In a conference call with reporters Friday morning, officials from several federal agencies listed the animals injured so far.

Forty-three birds have been found dead from oil in the gulf, and 23 found "oiled" but alive. That number is up slightly from a few days ago.

Authorities have also found 186 sea turtles, most of them dead. But, in all but three of those cases, the turtles showed no external signs of oil. They have also found 18 stranded dolphins but have no proof that the oil slick is to blame in those cases, either.

The Washington Post -
21 May 2010
D Fahrenthold
Photo credit: C Riedel/AP


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Photo credit: Wildwood Trust/PA