June 7, 2010


60 Oiled Birds, 41 Of Them Pelicans, Rescued

In one day, the number of oiled birds at Louisiana's rescue station more than doubled.

Authorities say 60 birds, including 41 pelicans, were coated with oil on Thursday when strong winds blew a heavy slick from the Gulf of Mexico spill to the rookery at Queen Bess Island, near Grand Isle.

ABC 26 WGNO - www.abc26.com [Source: Associated Press]
4 June 2010
Photo credit: C Riedel/AP
Location: Queen Bess Island, Louisiana, USA - Map It

Aquatic Life Declines at Early Stages of Urban Development

The number of native fish and aquatic insects, especially those that are pollution sensitive, declines in urban and suburban streams at low levels of development — levels often considered protective for stream communities, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey.

“When the area of driveways, parking lots, streets and other impervious cover reaches 10 percent of a watershed area, many types of pollution sensitive aquatic insects decline by as much as one third, compared to streams in undeveloped forested watersheds,” said Tom Cuffney, USGS biologist.

“We learned that there is no ‘safezone,’ meaning that even minimal or early stages of development can negatively affect aquatic life in urban streams.”

USGS Newsroom - www.usgs.gov/newsroom
3 June 2010

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Photo credit: M Belanger/Reuters

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