July 9, 2010

In the Spotlight - The 9th European Wildlife Disease Association (EWDA) Conference

The 9th European Wildlife Disease Association (EWDA) Conference Healthy wildlife, healthy people
Dutch Island, Vlieland, Netherlands
September 13 – 16, 2010

The theme for the 9th EWDA conference is "Healthy wildlife, healthy people....we will have presentations on many other topics related to wildlife health. Taken together, this conference will be of great interest for people from many different disciplines, ranging from public health professionals and wildlife diseases specialists, to ecologists, biologists and epidemiologists."

Planned sessions:

  • Are wildlife diseases relevant for public health?: Wildlife and emerging zoonoses: a real problem
  • Selected abstracts on emerging diseases and public health
  • Signaling (new) risks for public health: (how) does it work? Emerging infectious diseases in an international context, a medical perspective
  • Debate/panel discussion with invited speakers
  • Environmental aspects and ecology
  • Wildlife disease reporting and surveillance
Source: EWDA Conference Site

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